Graphic design

Visit cards

Fundamental to any company or independently. Established customer relationships, are shaping the information in your company.



Leave in our hands the design of flyers and brochures for your business. Leaflets, brochures, or size. We offer a professional work that will help improve the image of your business.

Lones i RollUps

Rollup banners are rolling, useful for any occasion, portable and easy to use. We also do custom fabrics ..


We create custom signs for attention and / or information quickly and effectively.

Loyalty cards

Reward their regular customers and again ...



Today, seals are still an essential tool for any company. Automatic quality seals and resilient.


We put stickers on design and size of a high quality and Resol·lució


Need labels for your business?

Custom Maps

We make custom maps, guide your clients quickly ...


Codi QR

Create your own custom QR code for easy access to customers.

Corporate web

The media advertising cheaper in relation to the time of publication.

Gives more professionalism, reliability and personality of your company.

Hores Day

Díes a l'Any

Web design


We make custom maps, guide your clients quickly ...


You can create, modify or delete pages, tickets (News) or links without any limitation. This means you can create unlimited sections and subsections.


Provide a proposal to the Web before starting the process of creation.



It is essential to define the outstanding details of the company to shape and character according to the company.



It is essential to good communication with customers, speeding up the proper progress of the project.


Once we have everything necessary to develop the project, setting a deadline.

Basic services

Domain Registration

Describe the desired domain name (eg, cat is ...) and consult if available, if desired domain is busy, we will suggest alternatives available.

Web Property

Domain Registration and Hosting is done in his name, having total control of their website.

Annual renewal

Price included in the annual Hosting.

Close engine ( "Search")

Having a web search provides the user / client easy access to the information you need quickly between all the content contained on the web.

Web Responsive

Website adaptable to any device, be it a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Contact form

Add your website contact form to expedite the proceedings and ask for opinions from your clients as you have been known for personal budgets, etc ...

Accommodation "Hosting"

"Hosting" host open source platform in our shared servers.
The size and traffic are unlimited. FTP access is not included.

Web design

Design and development of website positioning and search engines used.

Support / Technical Service

We provide Technical Support with any questions you may have, both in the initial phase, as in the development phase of the project.
Once the initial support are at your disposal for any change or extension to add / modify her. Technical Service Price 25 Eur / hour.

Corporate e

E-mail accounts associated with its domain mailboxes and unlimited traffic.

Depending on the plan Hired Web can have email accounts associated with your domain (, cat is ...).
With unlimited traffic and mailboxes.
* You will receive the support and information needed to receive emails directly on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Store and deliver backup of the entire Web to our customers.
Our server keeps a copy of the last eight days and can retrieve at any time the website in a short period of time.


Design compatible with the most used browsers on the market.


Social Links

Automatic publishing to your network.

Connect your social networking site from a link direct links to share / like.

Or to automatic publication in your social network through your own website, saving time. Possibility of publishing via phone (app and web) or e-mail.

Pack Social

We help you create and manage your social network Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare ...

Website maintenance

We take care of your website, Publications, Offers, Banners, even uncomplicated ...

Web redesign

Want to renew your website? We offer a plan to renew your website.


Consulting New Technologies

It helps you configure your computer / smartphone / tablet ...

Maintenance of equipment

Your computer does not work properly? We will reinstall and backup of your computer.

Sol-sort out problems

Have a problem and do not know who can help ... We will put everything on our part to give you a one-pollution.

Contact with us. Send us an email to or fill out this form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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